Turn-Key Projects

Hexa undertake turnkey projects which means you leave the complete control of the project to Hexa, we take the pressure with capable and experienced hands while you relax. Hexa will study the project they undertake and provide reassurance of a fixed price and a guaranteed completion date.We take care the task executions, commissioning, documentation and staff training and this will ease all the customer pressure and lead to a smooth completion.

Contract Support

If you are looking for an experienced team to handle your IT Infrastructure, we provide cost effective Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for companies all over UAE. We help companies for regular IT Security checkups and routine maintenance works to regulate the overall IT Performance.

Our Services include:
Maintenance of IT Infrastructure
Software and Hardware Onsite/Remote Support
Expert Solutions from a team of experts who can carry-out the maintenance as per your requirements.

We follow ITIL best practices for our Service Delivery, to ensure maximum uptime and systems availability for businesses to operate on. We enter into tailored AMC and SLA standards with strict KPIs to ensure higher level of service delivery. Proper SLA with defined terms and conditions we ensure that our customers are better served with a great level of technology efficiency.

Instant Support

At Instant Support, we provide you with a secure and worry-free IT experience. We employ only the most highly qualified people in today’s information technology space. Through our expertise, we identify problems you may be experiencing and then provide automated solutions.

We offer sensible options and pricing and our team has working experience on similar positions over 10 years invested in the field. We handle everything from home/office PCs, servers to networks, IDS, and security even enterprise-wide issues that plague seasoned corporations.

Technical Workshop

The one-day/two-days Technical Workshops take the form of presentations at the customer premises, enabling attendees to gain hands-on experience of a wide range of equipment and products. The workshops cover classroom explanations of components, features, engineering, operation, maintenance, performance and testing, providing an opportunity for practical and interactive learning.

We provide different technology/product workshops. Some of the workshops are as follows.

Enterprise Switching & Routing
Firewall Technologies
Network Admission Control (NAC)
Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Understanding and configuring IPv6
Understanding and configuring IP Multicast
Configuring Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4)
Configuring OSPF
Coniguring Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
Configuring Wireless Controllers and Access Points
Designing IP Telephony Solutions
Introduction to Data Center Networking Technologies