banner3Big Data and Advanced Analytics arena, albeit being a $125 billion USD worth market*, is still evolving and not favored by many enterprises. Tremendous growth opportunities in various sectors are evident, but key challenges galore like dearth of skilled workforce who have expertise in advanced analytics; lack of pertinent use-case specific frameworks and technology that can leverage right data at the right time; and to provide best business decisions at an accelerated pace.

In an era of intelligent economy, staying ahead of the pack means a lot. Hence, we foresaw bundle of opportunities in the aforementioned loopholes and jumped on the BI and Big Data Analytics bandwagon.

HexbBTS is an innovative Data Science and Advanced Analytics Company offering analytical solutions and consulting services, which help businesses make quick, cogent, data-driven decisions, essentially required to sustain and grow in tandem with evolving industry trends. We help enterprises look beyond business data and gain industry-leading insights at an accelerated pace.

Beaming with innovation, HexbBTS is empowered by a synergetic team of industry veterans, domain experts, engineers and analysts who use complex business problems as a stepping stone to arrive at pertinent solutions. They leverage upon Primary Data, Data Management, Data Science and Decision Science technologies, and integrate them with apt catalysts (like domain specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), mathematical algorithms and accelerators) to identify risks and key business opportunities featuring better forecasts.

Nurtured by a strong engineering & technology work culture, HexbBTS enables enterprises to look beyond business data and gain actionable insights through a portfolio of tailor-made enterprise solutions and consultation services on Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science and Advanced Analytics. These solutions and services are built on agile and scalable domain-specific platforms that address the most challenging Big Data opportunities with high-performance analytics.

Catering to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Industries, Manufacturing and Social Intelligence, HexbBTS is capable of handling all types of enterprise dataset – to extrapolate key business values using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

Above all, we have built a strong network of partnerships with key industry players to leverage the power of industry-standard tools; and to ensure good value proposition.