KNOC partner with Hexa BTS to implement workflow and back file conversion

Korean National Oil Corporation operates oil and gas fields in Korea and 23 foreign countries, such as North Sea fields and North America shale gas fields. It produces 220 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day and reserves volume of 1.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

KNOC office in Abu Dhabi city is managing projects in UAE; as a result they have a lot of paper documents managed by office staff in in a traditional way. Their major problem was to retrieve and search for documents, which took a lot of their time and impacted on their productivity.

HEXA BTS helped them to organize their documents by digitizing their paper archives and providing them a Document Management System, to upload, search, retrieve and share their documents electronically.
Using our system, KNOC staff can now search any documents with a unique reference number and/or other search criteria and retrieve the required document(s) within few seconds. This transition of managing documents manually to electronically has given them the opportunity to streamline their paper work, have electronic workflows and processes, reduce costs and errors, which speeds up order processing and payments etc. All in all their productivity has vastly improved after this smooth transition.