Galadari Brother selects Hexa BTS to implement ECM Solution

Galadari Brothers has developed an extensive network of over 650 quick-service restaurants across the Middle East – the largest store network in the Quick Service Restaurants industry in the Gulf region.

GICC office in Dubai is a well stablished facility and is using world class IT infrastructure equipment and solutions to manage all of their Baskin Robbin outlets in the GCC. Before HEXA BTS implemented a renowned ECM solution at GICC, they faced a lot of issues and delays in their interoffice approvals and business processes. These processes are incredibly important components of how GICC functions, yet they were also very difficult to manage effectively. Therefore, GICC’s core requirement was to have a solution which can streamline their business processes electronically and save valuable time which was being lost in between.

HEXA BTS implemented a world class ECM Solution at GICC to address this need. Not only that the ECM helped them managing their documents more efficiently but it helped them create all their approvals and other business processes electronically, becoming more efficient, effective and agile. As a result, the ECM had a holistic effect on the entire organization.